Mark Bareta

Citizen Journalist, Cameroon Anglophone Political Activist, Change Agent

Interim Leader - The Consortium

Mark Bareta, is a highly influential Anglophone Cameroonian and a prominent political activist and also a CEO of Bareta News who was born on the 15th of December 1984 in Southern Cameroons as Bara Mark Bareta . He grew up in Kumba, Southern Cameroons, which is now part of the Republic of Cameroun though some political groups are agitating for the restoration of its independence. He attended Government Bilingual Primary School Kosala, Kumba where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC). 

Thereafter, he attended Saint Joseph's College Sasse, one of the most highly decorated and dignified secondary school in Anglophone Cameroon and the Republic of Cameroon combine. He held several leadership positions in secondary and high school. Mark Bareta leaving no stone un-turned as far back in secondary and high school days in Saint Joseph's College Sasse, didn't hesitate to take these leadership experiences to the next level. He enrolled in the University of Buea immediately after his Advance Level Certificate in 2004 and was a major University of Buea Students' Union activist. He became a campaigner of student welfare and good governance from his very first year as an undergraduate student in the University of Buea. With a creative and conscientious mind coupled with such sense of high analytical skills, he was greatly appreciated by his peers and lecturers at the University of Buea. During his stay at the University, Mark Bareta exhibited strong leadership qualities that led to his election as Chief of Financial Bench University of Buea Students' Union Parliament 2005/2006, deputy President of the University of Buea students’ Union in Charge of Economic affairs in 2006/2007 academic year.

He championed among-st others the 2005/2006 students protest in the University of Buea and ran for Students' Union President in 2007 and was forced to step down when forces from the Biya's government, University authorities saw him as a threat to the nation as he was linked to Southern Cameroons National Council, (SCNC) activities, a charge which he has always refused. Mark Bareta was arrested and detained alongside with other leaders, sympathizers and protagonists Maxcelus Atanga and Mboh Tanyi. His party would thereafter go to win the Students' Union Presidential election in 2007. He was also the pioneer chairman of the Yellow Party congress; a caucus of dedicated students’ party structures that verge for executive office within the student Union government and seek to defend the right of students. With a degree in Microbiology and minor in Medical Laboratory, Mark Bareta was later elected the People's Action Party National Youth President for 2010/2011, a party structure headed by one of the most admired Anglophone Cameroonian Parliamentarian of all times, Honorable Ayah Paul, who single handedly as a then parliamentarian for the ruling Cameroon People Democratic Party opposed the revision of the constitution to give Paul Biya an unlimited mandate . Mark Bareta did also participated and monitored the 2011 presidential election as a youth President. 

Known as the great informer on social network, Mark Bareta is among future young Leaders of Cameroon and take great interest in the happenings around the world. He is a graduate with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Technology with focus on chemical treatment of water from Ghent University, Belgium.He was the President of International Students' Association Ghent University 2014/2015 and the first black and international representative at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Faculty Council -Ghent University. The summation of Mark Bareta is that, he represents a spirit of altruism and Unionism in all ramifications and is largely seen as a future young leader in the Cameroons and deserves every commendation.