Ivo Tapang

Peace journalist, Security analyst, Freethinker & Solution and peace-oriented critic.

Interim Leader - the Consortium

Tapang Ivo Tanku is a multimedia award-winning Cameroonian journalist. He specializes in peace journalism and works as Communications Specialist.

Ivo is a Fulbright scholar and AU-EU Energy Partnership award-winning journalist 2014, a Cameroonian career diplomat, international journalist, and communications and media strategist. He holds an M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations, with a specialty in international communication and globalization (obtained from IRIC, Cameroon) and another MA in International Security (Political Science) from the State University of New York, University at Buffalo, USA.

Ivo bags a BSc. degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and an associate recognition in geology from the University of Buea, Cameroon. He has served in several capacities in communications and has obtained unique journalism skills from his former employers -- BBC World Service Africa, CNN International, ARD, and the Cameroon's state broadcaster CRTV, -- where he worked as a stringer. He previously abandoned journalism to serve as Head of Communications for UN Women in Cameroon and Head of Communications Internews / USAID international project in fighting Ebola in Liberia. Tapang, 29, was among the expatriates who assisted the Liberian government to end Ebola in the country.

Ivo's works have influenced public policies and shaped public opinion in Cameroon - a fragile West African state. He has dozens of published investigative stories on CNN.com about politics, human rights, globalization, elections, democracy, etc. Tapang's passion for science earned him excellent grades in Geology, Chemistry, and Biology at an advanced level.

He is currently a Ph.D. researcher on peace journalism, conflict resolution, and security studies. He is a native of Cameroon and speaks English, French and Pidgin English.

He currently researches on an interdisciplinary and multi-dynamic approach that will transform the media's role from fuelling conflicts to transforming them in sub-Saharan Africa. Tapang is currently a Fulbright Scholar at the State University of New York, University at Buffalo.